Time Travel on Facebook

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I’ve written before about my aversion to some social media. Besides the conspicuous consumption of time, Facebook is how I found out that my best friend from 5th grade had lost the use of both her legs and arms in a car accident. Which led me to a search where I found out that another classmate and her brother were both dead in their early 40s. It was jarring and traumatic. These faces, frozen in my mind’s eye, were young and healthy and living happy lives in some far off world. Anything beyond that failed to reach my imagination.

When I was in my teens, we moved to a house, town and school far away from where I’d grown up. It was, in reality, only about 40 miles away, but rural miles. No public transportation or extra family car or cell phone plans to keep in touch with old…

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I spent years of my life struggling to understand myself, what if we could teach social psychology to little one ,could that help them grow with lesser pain

I wish 😉

I wanna

I wanna grow a dream in little kids mind that you could be the superhero you always like

You can make the toy you wanna buy

You can write the story you wish to read and draw its pictures with your magical brush

You can solve the problem you may face in the mathematics homework 

You can count the stars add the planets to them and multiply that by the number of the people you know and get closer to know yourself  and your destiny by the number you get

You can go through the road you choose make your decisions and be always ready to correct yourself

I wanna, I wish and I will 🙂